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Screen clip – How Tasty was my little frenchman

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Cinema Novo in Brazil

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Marx and Engels



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5/17: Final Class – Virtual Discussion

Click here to watch: They Were Just People 

Post a comment in response to filmmaker Leslie Thornton’s They Were Just People at the Walker Art Center’s website. (Post to this blog as you’ve done throughout the semester for the questions in response to the readings.) The online video/film uses as its audio track a radio document from a witness/participant in the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. This is accompanied by abstracted images based on the bubbling tar at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles (a key tourist location in the LA area). Thornton’s work often addresses critical social/historical issues within a production framework drawn from experimental filmmaking.

Wait a while. Drink a grande latte. Run a marathon. Catch up on your posts to the class blog that you forgot to do. Eat a vegan hot dog at Top Dog in Berkeley. Then, reply to a post or comment by one of your classmates.

Wait a while longer. Catch up on your binge watching of How to Get Away With Murder. Eat a Bianca’s roast turkey with avocado on home made sourdough loaf. Then respond to a comment or post by another of your classmates.

So, overall you need to post three (3) comments/replies by midnight on Thursday May 19, 2016. No nastiness or disrespect, please. It’s a class discussion, only virtual. In cyberspace. Remember, as our attention spans dwindle only outlaws will have attention spans.

And click the link above for the film or click the pic below.


5/10: Final Project Presentations

Mandatory class session. Tuesday May 10, 2016.

Students will have 5 minutes to present their final creative projects to the entire class and to receive some last minute feedback from the instructor. If your project runs longer than 5 mins, then please select the most representative 5 min section to screen in class (I’ll watch the entire project after you submit the final edit/draft on May 17). I’ll be timing the presentations, so no cheating on time.

Follow the final project guidelines posted to this class blog a few weeks ago. See you on Tuesday.